How to Cure Blastomycosis in Dogs

Does your dog have blastomycosis? What if you could treat this horrible fungus with natural home
remedies? Well, don’t go into that … this article will provide you with a few simple steps you can take
right away to prevent your fungus from growing when you become aware of the symptoms.

You see, when a dog shrinks due to blastomycosis, the skin develops ulcers that tend to rot. It is a fungal
disease that usually originates in the lungs then spreads to other parts of the body. This condition is easily
diagnosed incorrectly because it causes symptoms similar to viral infection or cancer.
This fungal infection makes it so dangerous that it can be found at room temperature as well as in yeast
found in tissues. The most common type of infestation will be by inhaling the fungus spores from the soil,
which, when it occurs, turns into a yeast found in the lungs, where it begins to grow.
The most important thing is to know the initial symptoms of your dog. Occasionally dogs gradually lose
their appetite and later on lose weight, depression and fever. Your dog may also start coughing,
developing eye problems that are usually accompanied by eye damage, as well as gradual compassion
when the fungus spreads.
The most common treatment for blastomycosis in dogs will be an antifungal medicine called Itraconazole.
This is a very expensive treatment. Most veterinarians will prescribe this medicine for up to 90 days and
monitor any progress. It has also been shown to be the safest treatment with fewer side effects.
Most pet owners who have encountered this type of fungus on their dogs will agree that blastomycosis
treatment can cost more than $ 1,000, and in most cases, they may not survive.
However, more pet owners are now leaning towards natural remedies that can prevent the growth of this
fungus. Supplementing dogs with vitamin C, E, A and B complexes, they will all be natural antioxidants
against yeast and many fungal infections, but especially this one.
Another best home remedy for this is garlic, both greens and supplements. It’s known to be nature
best protection against fungal, bacterial and yeast infections. It has often been referred to as a wonderful
treatment for fungus.

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