Information about cats you didn’t know

Below are many facts about cats that many of you didn’t know about. So let’s go:

• People have kept cats as pets for about 4000 years. In the past, they were kept for their ability to hunt, while today people want to keep them because they provide good company for humans.

• Although these are not commonly used by people, a group of cats plus kittens are referred to as clowns and kindles respectively.

• Domestic cats are called small cats. These are not the same as large cats, such as tigers and lions, as they remain active at night and are capable of making a purring sound.

• In the United States and the United Kingdom, they are the most preferred pets today.

The body and feline behavior

• There are around 48 identified breeds and pedigree of cats in Australia, as well as an infinite combination of crossbreeds, so that these felines look surprisingly different in appearance and behavior from one another. However, there are some surprising physical characteristics in all varieties of cats.

• It is known that cats have 30 and dogs 42 very sharp teeth.

• The tapetum lucidum is a layer of fabric in the eyes of cats that is able to reflect and enlarge the light that enters the eyes, offering them a clearer vision than humans, so that they can see six times better when there is it is less light. Both dogs and cats have a transparent or translucent third eyelid, called a nictitating membrane, which closes to protect and moisten the eye.

• While human ears only have twelve muscles, cats are blessed with 32. This allows them to perceive the exact position of their prey, like mice, and the sound of opening a can of cat food. . A cat can hear lower and higher sound frequencies than humans. Their ears also help them balance and help them get back on their feet just as they fall – that’s how the phrase “Cats always land on their feet” developed.

• Cats are mostly left paw.

• Cats are more annoyed by the consistency and smell of food than its taste, and sometimes they can be really annoyed by the smell. Licking a cat can be compared to rubbing rough sandpaper on the skin. This is because a cat’s tongue has a thin covering of tiny spines similar to burrs facing backwards. This coating guides food to the back of the mouth. This rough surface of a cat’s tongue also helps to quickly get water

• Cats are able to withdraw their claws. The advantage of this is that they stay sharp, which gives them grip when they go up. and they are also an effective weapon. The way cats communicate is by rubbing against us. The legs and cheeks of cats contain odoriferous glands and that smell is transmitted when they rub on a vertical surface.

• Catnip or catmint is a herb and 75% of cats are genetically sensitive to it. If you find your cat rolling or twisting on the floor, rubbing your face or drooling all over it, it’s been on the catnip.

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