Old Dogs, Gene Weingarten – A new ride on old dogs

There are many books out there about cute and tender but very few puppies like Old Dogs, Gene Weingarten’s book about old canine friends. Often forgotten, Weingarten claims that bigger dogs are the best dogs and in his book he explains all the reasons why you shouldn’t neglect your old friend and always be looking for that new puppy. The book celebrates older canines as real soldiers in their pet life. Prove that not only puppies are cute, interesting and fun.

In Old Dogs, the author shows the beauty of the old dog through spectacular photographs of mature dogs withered in their daily lives. With each photograph there is an anecdote of a story about the dog depicted. There are also funny biographies of dogs that tell of their long life and their successes and antics. The book really shows the shameless personalities of old dogs, their quirks and their

unpleasant behavior and attitudes towards their owners. It also shows their loyalty. We all know that mature dogs are loyal and will follow their masters to the ends of the earth.

What you will see in the book, the writer and illustrator has worked hard to achieve. This is the vision of older animals at best. With the funny anecdotes and reflections of the dog owner there are deep and tender stories, including dealing with the death of an old faithful dog. This book will not be loved by dog lovers only for generations to come, but can also be enjoyed by anyone else. Even non- owners will have a real kick out of the book. Cat owners will also be entertained by the crystal clear images and witty writing. This is saying something for sure.

In Old Dogs, Gene Weingarten gives life to the real reasons for having dogs. It shows why they are our friends and how much they mean in our life. Dogs are truly family members and old dogs are the old wise grandparents of your troop. The book is a terribly fun reading and will do very well as a desktop book for the enjoyment of all your friends or just one to add to the shelf and bring down every time you have to laugh or cry. You will be fascinated by the life of each individual dog and marvel at how different they really are in personality and attitudes.

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